BaltiCode Internetinės svetainės

For web applications we use not only open source software and standard applications, but also we develop and build customized applications, make custom modules and plug-ins. We use the most modern programming languages including PHP, SQL, Java, x (HTML), XML, CSS and ASP.

If you need more information about web applications and also how we could help you to automate and simplify business processes online, please contact us using the contact form on the website.

Add portals

BaltiCode develops various types of portals,for both internal information within organizations and collection of data to the third parties.

Customized web applications

Open source software and modules are often chosen for reasons of speed and cost, but they not always suit for any specific needs. Therefore BaltiCode develops customized applications.

To manage your website there are several content management systems available. We will offer you a content management system that best suits for your website. We thereby ensure that your website is optimized search engine friendly, so that your site ranks are good in search engines.


Wordpress turinio valdymo sistemąWordPress was designed to make publications on the Web more simple. Meanwhile it has become a powerful platform to publish on the Internet, both blogs and websites for everyone.