Facebook Social Stream

Display your Facebook page feed without a sweat.

Facebook Social Stream allows you to display a customizable, responsive and search engine friendly Facebook page stream on your Magento e-commerce platform. No iframes, div's or javascripts needed as it all comes as a pure Magento module. Simple and easy to understand module customization options.

How can I get it?

The module price is $ 89 + VAT, installation price $ 49 +VAT. If you would like to get this module just fill in the form in the right column of this page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You will be able to pay by Paypal or a bank transfer. After we finish all the financial stuff we will provide the module and all necessary information for you to make it running on your e-shop.

What can I do with it?

Make a connection!

Make your e-shop more live! Brake that barrier between static e-shop and social Facebook page! By installing the Facebook Social Stream module you are opening a connection to Facebook page where everyone can share his or her idea about your posts. All your posts can be seen on your selected content in your customized format.

FB social stream

Publish what you want and where you want

You can choose what to publish on your social stream pages. Let's say you want to create a page of pictures and videos? No problem, just do the right configuration and your page is ready for media publishing from your Facebook page.

Configuration System Magento Admin - 2015-03-16 02.38.21

Display social content: comments, shares and likes

When the module displays the Facebook feed content it also can show the comments and the number of likes and shares of each of your post.

Save time

From that moment when you deploy a Facebook Social Stream module, you do not have to make any content copying from one place to another. Once the content has been published on the Facebook it is also being pulled out as a part of your Magento CMS page.

Multi-feed: numerous FB pages in one e-shop place?

You can publish multiple feeds from different facebook pages. The module allows you to pull out more than one feed from different Facebook pages.

Different shop - different stream content

If you have a multistore on your e-shop deployed, you can be sure that Facebook Social Stream module will let you publish the content according your needs. For example you own two different brands under two different e-shops, there is no trouble by making two different Facebook pages and publish them on different e- shops.

What about the support?

Every owner of Facebook Social Stream module gets a one year of free support. Our support is based on email, VoIP and phone call support. We speak speak English, Russian, Polish and Lithuanian so there is no need to feel uncomfortable giving us a phone call in your prefed language. You can always drop us an email on support@balticode.com, give us a phone call +370 620 39777 or simply fill in a request form.

Can I have a demo?

Yes You can! Check out the front end demo here: http://magento.balticode.com/social-stream/. The backend goes here: http://magento.balticode.com/admin/. Login user - "demo" and the password - "demo123".